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Youth Services

We are committed to ensuring that our young people have opportunities to reach their maximum potential and project their aspirations into society.

Through various partnerships and collaborations, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services and activities that include:

  • Academic enhancement,
  • Health and life-skills training,
  • Character and leadership building skills training,
  • Educational and career skills training,
  • Arts and recreational activities, 
  • An after-school program, and
  • A summer day camp program. 

In addition, we offer one-on-one counseling to youths who need additional help coping with the challenges of emergent adulthood.

Our services are offered in a safe, supportive environment filled with acceptance, respect and understanding.  We value young people from all family situations and we recognize the strength and potential of every young person.  The young people who attend our program have opportunities to explore, express, voice their needs, and meet the goals of emergent adulthood.

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