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Public Policy


To engage the public in influencing policies to ensure the continuation and improve the availability of CCR&R services.

CDSC’s CCR&R in collaboration with four other NYC CCR&Rs is committed to improving the quality, availability, and affordability of child care in New York City. We work in partnership with parents, community leaders, business leaders, policy makers, and child care providers to make high quality child care available to New York City families. We advocate for improvements in the profession by helping to develop and shape policies that impact early care, child welfare, and education issues in New York State. We promote positive public image and perception of the value of the child care profession, and we are a pathway of career development for early childhood education professionals. 


CDSC has contracted with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) for the purpose of improving child care services in New York City.  Families, providers, businesses, and the community need access to CCR&R services in order to find child care for their children while they work, train or attend school. However, they will have access to CCR&R services only if these services are available and adequately funded.  Families also need access to quality child care, which can only happen when the public is engaged in advocacy efforts for funding to improve the quality of child care and funding to support the costs of accessing high quality care which includes care that is culturally-appropriate, accessible, and appropriate to the needs of the consumer.


CDSC’s CCR&R will actively engage the public to support continuation and improvement of CCR&R services.  The CCR&R will also ensure the public is engaged to support child care quality initiatives, including QualityStarsNY and funding for child care at the local, state, and national levels.


CDSC’s is a 501c3 organization which receives the majority of its funding from federal programs; therefore we are limited in the advocacy activities we can facilitate. CDSC’s CCR&R utilizes the support for messages and outreach from other local, state, and national organizations. Our primary messaging comes from National Association for the Education for Young Children, Child Care Aware of America, Winning Beginnings NY, the Center for Children Initiative (one of the members of the NYC CCR&R, Consortium), and our state network the Early Care and Learning Council.   

As a member of the NYC CCR&R Consortium, CDSC’s CCR&R Executive Director and Director of CCR&R work in conjunction with the members of the consortium to determine which local, state, and national organizations and agendas to support.  However, CDSC can act as an individual agency and choose to support any local, state, and national organizations and agendas it chooses. Once the agenda (s) is chosen, either by the Consortium or CDSC, it is shared with the Public Relations Coordinator who then determines what information needs to be communicated (the message), to whom (parents, providers, legislators, businesses), and delivery method (in person with education materials, via email, phone, or website).  


CDSC’ CCR&R is a member of and/or supports the public policy agendas of many organizations.  This includes, but not limited to: 

  • a member of the Early Care and Learning Council (ECLC)
  • a member of the National Association for Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA)
  • supporter of Winning Beginning NY


Throughout the year CDSC participates in various national, state, and local public policy activities and events.  We encourage parents, providers, and the general community to remain educated and informed of public policy actions by participating in various events which promote the advancement of early care, child welfare, and education issues in New York State.

CDSC’s CCR&R will inform and educate legislators, business, and the public about: 
  • the importance of high quality early care and learning environments and opportunities for children; the link between high quality child care and school-readiness and success
  • the value of CCR&R services


CDSC’s  CCR&R uses multiple strategies to engage public support to continue and improve CCR&R services. CDSC will distribute a local public policy agenda to be included in parent referral packets, at community events and at providers’ trainings and activities. Additionally, it will be on the Public Policy section of the website and in other relevant locations on the site.

The local policy agenda will be reviewed and updated as needed quarterly in January, April, July, and October.  The policy agenda will be at an accessible reading level for various groups. The focus will be parents, providers, and the community. It will include resource and contact information for legislators.

CCR&R will mail to business leaders and legislators educational materials at least once a year in addition to specified mailing and activities from the agency’s Communication Plan.  These activities will be a collaborative effort with the NYC CC&R Consortium since our Communication Plan on the behalf of the consortium has been assigned to the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, the agency responsible for developing, creating and disseminating marketing information on behalf of all the Consortium members. 

When acting as an individual agency, CDSC’s CCR&R policy agenda materials will be developed by the Executive Director, Program Director and Public Relations Coordinator. These materials will be reviewed annually.



Click here to download the 2012 Legislative Agenda from the Early Care & Learning Council

Click here to download the 2013 Legislative Agenda from Winning Beginning NY  

Funding to Be Offered to Help Low-Income Parents Move
Back Into Workforce by New York State Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance.

The State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) and the State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) announced today that New York has received $16.5 million in federal funding to help low-income parents pay for child care, allowing them to improve their skills and successfully enter the workforce. Read more>>>


Throughout the year CDSC participates in various national, state, and local public policy activities and events.  We encourage parents, providers, and the general community to remain educated and informed of public policy actions by participating in various events which promote the advancement of early care, child welfare, and education issues in New York State. 

2013 National Child Care Aware of America Policy Symposium 

The Symposium features innovative sessions on the latest policy, research and practice developments in early learning and child care. It also offers a forum for policy analysis, training, peer networking and visits to legislators on Capitol Hill.

For more information and to register for the conference, visit http://www.naccrra.org/conferences/2013-national-child-care-aware-of-america-policy-symposium



As a concerned parent, community member, child care professional, or business leader you have the power to effect change.  There are several  simple things that you can do to make your voice heard. For example, you can write letters of support and make phone calls to all your elected officials. Speakout on important issues. Participate in activities and events. For more ideas and how to advocate, download the Winning Beginning NY Advocacy Handbook (available in English and Spanish). The handbook is a guide to help you tell your story to law-makers, media and other concerened groups and individuals to improve the quality of early care and education.

Find your Federal and NY State Representatives

Find your Local Elected Official

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Parent Advocacy:

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