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Head Start & Universal PreK

 CDSC’s Head Start offers educational programs for 53 children age 3 to 5 years old, and a wide variety of opportunities and support services for their families to help the children succeed in school, and succeed in life. We offer a safe, caring environment where both children and parents come to learn, grow, and achieve. Children who transition from our Head Start program are well prepared to enter kindergarten with language, literacy, mathematic, and discovery skills. Best of all, our Head Start program is absolutely free of charge to income eligible families.

Interested families can call 718.222.8203/8204 for more information. On-site registration is available.

Education: Head Start is the Right Start

CDSC’s Head Start uses the Creative Curriculum, a research-based development curriculum that is aligned with the Head Start Outcomes Frame Work. Every day our Head Start children enjoy all kinds of activities and games designed to teach everything from numbers and letters to sharing and getting along with others. Our children learn to love books and receive a good foundation for reading. They learn about nature and science through hands-on activities and engage in dramatic play, music and movement, art and discovery all to encourage the special curiosity, imagination and joy of childhood.  Our Head Start program is multilingual and includes children and families from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We celebrate diversity by participating in the special holidays of our population. We serve our children delicious, nutritious meals in a family style setting using a variety of traditional, cultural and seasonal foods.  

Health and Head Start

Head Start helps children and families access high quality, free health services in their own communities. Children receive health and developmental screening within the first 45 days of enrollment, so any issues can be addressed quickly. The Head Start staff advocates for families to have year-round access to regular medical care and Medical Homes. Health and safety instructions are part of the learning for the Head Start children. They learn about good nutrition by doing fun classroom cooking activities. They are also taught to wash their hands before meals and brush their teeth every day, so that these and other healthy practices become habit at an early age. At all times, the staff helps families find answers to healthcare questions and receive appropriate medical attention when needed.

Children with Special Needs

Children with Special Needs are a welcome part of every aspect of our Head Start program. We understand that every child has unique strengths and unique needs. At Head Start, parents, teachers and specialists all work together to develop a unique program for each child—both in the classroom and at home. Children with special needs are included in the regular activities, and play and learn right along with all the other children. Head Start advocates and refers children to the resources to help them with their special needs, whether the special needs are physical, developmental or behavioral. Our Head Start consistently enrolls up to or more than 10% of children with special needs.

Parents: Get a New Start with Head Start

A new job…A high school degree…A better place to live…For adults, it all can start at Head Start. With job training, adult education classes, housing assistance and more, Head Start offers many opportunities for adults looking for something better. Each Head Start family works with a Family Worker who helps them to identify and set goals. Overtime they both meet privately to assess the goals.

Head Start collaborates with many community based organizations within the community where parents can get support to deal with the complex issues facing their families today. Below are of the areas we help parents address:

• Adult Education
• GED Programs
• Computer Training
• English Language Classes
• Job Training
• Job Referrals
• Health Services
• Cooking and Nutrition Workshops
• Housing Assistance

Head Start: A Partnership with Parents

Head Start recognizes each parent as their children’s first teacher and partners with them in a variety of ways. Every parent is a member of the Class Committee and an integral part of the decision-making process of the Head Start Program. Parents are volunteers and advocates for their children and for the Head Start Program.  Parents even make up a majority of the Citywide Policy Council that shares responsibility for Head Start programs throughout the of City New York. 

Staff: The Heart of Head Start

Head Start staff members are Early Childhood professionals. They are from the community and are sensitive to the needs of the parents. The staff collaborates with parents and other professionals to meet the needs of the families as set out by the Federal Performance Standards guidelines. 

The staff maintains the health and safety of children and uses a holistic approach to work with children and families in the program. The staff is consistently trained to work with special populations in our program.